When the leaves start changing, and the air gets cooler, many nonprofits return to dealing with their data. However, many also put this off because they are overwhelmed by the prospect of operating technology that they don’t fully understand. But don’t be scared of your CRM! It’s integral to overcome the fear of not understanding your technology in order to get the most out of your CRM and effectively use the data you collect.

Here are 3 tips to make your CRM less daunting

  1. Take Training: Bells and whistles are only helpful if you know how to utilize them. Most CRM’s require some training, so make sure you take advantage of the training and support that your CRM provides. If your CRM solution doesn’t offer free training and support, you might want to shop around for one that does.
  2. Make a Time Investment: No matter what software you have, you will have to invest some time up front to fully learn the system and maximize impact overall. Outside of just taking training, make sure you are put aside some time to go through the different features and see how they work. If you aren’t investing the time to learn how to use it properly, you aren’t going to see as big of a return on investment from your CRM.
  3. Ask Questions: It’s your CRM provider’s job to help you understand how to use what you’re paying for. If you have a question on a feature that you haven’t been able to figure out, then don’t be afraid to ask them. Find out what kind of support is included with your CRM, and utilize it when you have questions.

What is your experience with getting over your fear of technology? Comment below!