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Our all-in-one online database solution has tools for fundraising, advocacy, communications and more. Access your data anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based products.

Learn how our highly-rated nonprofit database software can give your organization the tools it needs to effectively and efficiently support your mission, so you can focus your time on making the world a better place.

B the Changethedatabank, gbc is technology for change, and we walk the walk. We are a general benefit corporation — a new class of corporation that has a socially-minded focus. We voluntarily meet higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency.

We're also a certified B Corporation, and currently one of just two businesses in Minnesota that hold both B-Labs certification and public benefit corporation status. Learn more.

...and technology for change.

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You know your mission and supporters. We know how to use a database effectively to connect and mobilize your followers.

Find fresh insights and tips about fundraising, advocacy, communications, using data, and more on The Technology for Change blog.


Meet the new website!

Over the past few months, we've been working with a local Minnesotan website developer to re-envision thedatabank, gbc's website - and we must say, we're a fan of how it has turned out! We hope you’ll take some time to peruse the new site and check out some of the changes we’ve made. Some pages you [...]


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Giving thanks: Ideas for how to show your supporters that you care around the holidays

You know how to show your family and friends that you care about them around the holidays - Making your family’s favorite pumpkin pie or picking out presents for your friends is a staple. However, the end of the year is a great time to show your donors, volunteers and other supporters that you appreciate [...]

Fundraising Tips & Resources

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Purchasing a new database? How to prep for your data move in five easy steps

One inevitable aspect of purchasing a new database is moving all of your existing data into your new system. Moving your data into a new database system is just like packing up and moving into a new house – only better. No sore back, no broken stuff, no begging your friends for help or having [...]

Database/CRM Essentials