“With our Databank, we’ve saved numerous hours on admin costs. Subscriptions grew by almost 700%, to over 11,500, and the list keeps growing every year. ” — John O’Phelan, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions “We’re continuing to discover new shortcuts and options – the versatility of the tool is its greatest strength.” — Bob Utke, MnACTE

One-size fits none. Let’s make a solution fit for you!

Frustrated with cookie-cutter software that doesn’t provide what you need? We offer custom-configured CRM and Communication systems for nonprofits and government organizations for a cost that rivals most off-the-shelf solutions.

Our Solutions

Improve program management and empower your fundraisers.
Multi-channel Communications
Coordinate messages across email, text, voicemail, social, web.
Custom Software
Build a tool that suits you. As your work evolves, it can too.

Our Approach

What are your challenges? Let’s configure a solution specific to you. Together, we’ll create efficiencies, increase your stakeholder engagement, and build your capacity, leading to greater mission accomplishment.

Stakeholder Engagement
Engage, track, and build support — all in one tool.
Program Management
Create efficiencies, and analyze outcomes with ease.
Custom Development
The way you work is unique. Your CRM should be too.

Client Stories

The Databank has been used by thousands of organizations across the country. Below are a few ways that the Databank has helped clients be more impactful in their work.


Let’s Talk

What programming or fundraising challenges are you facing? Let’s talk about them. Fill out our contact form and we will schedule a 30-minute no-obligation virtual meeting to discuss your reality, and explore how software built to suit your needs can help.