thedatabank wants you to succeed with the technology that you have. Download these free resources to help you use your technology more strategically and build more capacity within your organization.

Webinar: Impact Amplification Through Collaboration

We distinguish the key pillars of effective nonprofit collaboration, as well as the advances that have been made in best practices as the field has evolved and grown.

Webinar: Building Organizational Capacity for Greater Impact

This session provides a brief overview of the theory behind organizational capacity.

Webinar: Strategic Use of Technology for Building Capacity

We show you how you can use your technology strategically to build capacity within your organization.

Guide: Using Technology to Build Capacity [PDF]

The guide includes:
A new way of thinking about how you use technology
Data documentation sheets - get started centralizing your data!
Impact measurement
Readiness quiz, needs assessment, and lots more.

Case Study: How Ramsey County Workforce Solutions grew their subscriber list by 700% [PDF]

Using the right technology the right way can have a major impact on your mission.

Case Study: MACED increases service hours by 65% [PDF]

A database custom-built to fit their needs helped MACED invest more time and money in local businesses.

The (Mini) Buyer's Guide to Choosing Software for Nonprofits [PDF]

Get started on the path toward finding the right software for your organization.

8 reasons your nonprofit can’t excel with ‘Excel’ [PDF]

At first glance, resources such as Microsoft’s Excel seem like the perfect solution for a resource-constrained nonprofit that needs a way to track supporters and donations. But looks can be deceiving, and what appears to be a free and easy option can actually be far from free. Here are eight of the most common reasons we’ve heard from organizations about why Excel ends up costing more.

Creating Effective Action Alerts Checklist [PDF]

Follow this checklist to make sure that your action alert has all of the necessary components to create an effective change.

A brief technology guide for staff transition [PDF]

You already know that your staff members are your greatest asset, and you’ve got a great group of people who are passionate about your cause. That’s probably why you never want to think about that time when they might leave. But people do leave, and your organization needs to be ready to handle it.

Data clean-up checklist [PDF]

Clean standardized data can help your migration go smoothly, may help you save money, and can help you to hit the ground running with your new system. Every organization may have different criteria when preparing for a transition, but included are some ideas about how to ensure that your data is relevant.

Data Inventory Worksheet [Word Doc]

Chances are, numerous people in your organization store and access your data in different places – use this worksheet to keep track of where those places are. This will help information to not be lost during staff transitions and will help if/when you’re looking to move to a new database solution.

Data inventory worksheet [PDF]

If you'd rather not download a Word document, you can open and print this PDF version.