Chris Hanson

3 Reese's peanut butter cups arranged from smallest to largest

Hey, you got strategic technology in my organizational capacity!

By Chris Hanson, Co-founder and CEO of thedatabank, gbc It’s likely most of you reading this are too young to remember the classic Reese’s commercial from the 1980s about the accidental merging of peanut butter and chocolate. The premise behind this is that sometimes when you merge two things together, the result is something greater… Read more

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Fostering public-private workforce development partnerships through technology

Job creation is always a hot topic in and out of politics. While job creation is good and necessary, just as important is developing workers with the skills and knowledge to fill those jobs. What is workforce development? Workforce development is an essential practice to help ensure that workers have the necessary skills and knowledge… Read more

Annual party

Thank You, Kate

Kate Flick, an employee of thedatabank, gbc for 18 years, has transitioned to another role outside of the organization. We are so excited for the new adventures that lay ahead for Kate, and we will miss her presence greatly here. Many of us who have worked with Kate wanted to share what a great impact she… Read more

Time to govern

$6 Billion is one tally I’ve read when totaling up all of the dollars spent on this election. Seems like a whole lot of money spent to get a whole lot of the same. When it comes to the President and the US Congress, we get more partisan gridlock. But maybe it’s not really the… Read more

Donor acquisition on social media – The overlooked goldmine! (Part one)

Would you give me $3.50 today if I paid you back $214.81 within 12 months? As someone who started doing direct mail prospecting in the 1980s, I’m old enough to have been around in the “Golden Age” of direct mail, and not so old that I can’t remember it. While there are lots of tales… Read more