I’m going to be upfront with you here. When it comes to nonprofits, I do not know what I’m talking about. Just take a look at my search history.

google search history showing lack of knowledge in nonprofit terminology
You see? I’m pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff.

Well, that is, I was clueless.

After graduating college this June, I joined thedatabank, gbc with limited experience in regard to working with NPOs. Despite my many hours of volunteer work growing up, I have not yet had the opportunity to be a full-time paid employee of charitable corporation. This meant that I had do some major research in order to better understand the needs of thedatabank’s nonprofit clients. Below, I have compiled a short list of material that I found especially useful in my quest for nonprofit knowledge.


Nonprofit Marketing Guide

When it comes to publicity for small to midsize organizations, nobody does it better than Kivi Leroux Miller. With almost 30 years of experience working with nonprofits, this marketing guru has served as a volunteer, board member, and everything in between. Using that expertise, she now empowers communication professionals to both learn and love their jobs, allowing them to better call attention to their cause all on limited financial resources. “I wouldn’t know what to do with a million dollar budget. I’m used to working in the four and five-figure ranges.”

Make sure to check out this blog for tips on creating communications at a low cost.

My favorite posts:

Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits can use Social Media

This eponymous blog is considered to be one of the longest running and most popular in the industry, and for good reason! Fast Company Magazine claims Beth Kanter to be one of the most influential women in technology and Businessweek has named her a “Voice of Innovation for Social Media.” This is probably due to the fact that she has taught thousands of nonprofits about best practices in relationship marketing and social media.

My favorite posts:


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

In 1987, the MCN was founded with the hope that it would provide nonprofits an avenue to address the increasing information needs of the sector. 29 years later, they continue to do this by providing free online resources on a variety of topics, including fundraising. The MCN understands that charitable donations are vital in an organization being able to carry out its services and mission, which is why they offer advice on individual giving, foundations, and government funding.

My favorite posts:

Society for Nonprofits

With over 6000 members, the Society for Nonprofits has little bit of something for everyone. They provided valuable insight for the undergraduate student looking for research information all the way up to a board member who’s trying to read more on best practices. That being said, as a newcomer to the sector, this site can help you discover the hidden assets of your organization and match them to proven fundraising strategies, helping you bring in money!

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National Council of Nonprofits

Looking for some leadership advice? Look no further than the National Council of Nonprofits. It currently serves as the largest network of charitable nonprofits, and has plenty of resources to fit your group’s specific needs.

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Notre Dame Online

The Mendoza College of Business on Notre Dame’s website offers several categories of resources, one of which is nonprofit leadership. These articles provide great avenue to strengthen your professional skills and take your career to the next level.

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While I still have a lot to understand about the nonprofit sector, finding leaders in the industry to learn from has been incredibly helpful. Rather than trying to figure things out for yourself, I encourage you to take advantage of the infinite amount of resources available to you on the internet. By equipping yourself with the proper information, you will be able to further both your cause and your career!

What other materials are helpful to those new to the world of nonprofit? Share your favorite online resources in the comments below!