As a former cheerleader, I fully understand the power of a good pep rally. However, using a shoulder stand and a “be aggressive” cheer to get your supporters involved might not be the best solution for your nonprofit. The success of your mission depends on the funding, volunteering and general support from your base.

How do you effectively motivate your supporters into action?

Go team! Focus on personal relationships. Fostering personal relationships can help your supporters feel like they MATTER. This might sound like a tall order for large nonprofits, but training your employees to learn about your “super volunteers”, sending personalized thank you notes, and sponsoring events to connect with your base is well worth your time.

Cheer and shout! Use emotional persuasion. According to a CBS News article, people make decisions based upon their emotions eighty percent of the time. A list of logical reasons to donate might not work as well as a picture that connects with the message and heart of your organization, with a donate button underneath.

Get fired up! Action alerts exclaim the urgency of your message. Creating an atmosphere where the stakes feel high helps motivate supporters into action. It is okay to be specific about what you want supporters to do – Do you need 10 thousand dollars by midnight to defeat an amendment? Do you need 50 volunteers to pick up litter on the beach for your annual volunteer event? Say so! E-blasts, texts, social media, and phone banks are all great ways to ask for help.

Win win win! Be positive. There is a fine line between creating urgency and making your cause seem hopeless. Share a vision of what your success will look like. Make it seem possible.