The Databank is software for nonprofits: an all-in-one cloud solution that combines a database with tools for Fundraising, Advocacy, Communication and more.

thedatabank’s web-based nonprofit software is uniquely designed to help each of our clients develop and sustain long-term relationships with their supporters. By providing a database driven suite of integrated tools, thedatabank can create an affordable, effective relationship management and communications system specific to your organization’s needs.

It’s not just software, it’s a solution

You can buy software from anyone, but with thedatabank, gbc you are also getting great service. And behind that great service is a great company made up of people who are committed to and care about your organization’s mission.

In 2014, our team of support staff handled over 3,000 support requests from clients, with a 99.5% satisfaction rate. Compared to the donor management software products in the Lehman Reports 2013 Donor Management Systems Use and Satisfaction Study, the Databank had higher satisfaction ratings in nearly every area – 14 of the 16.

The Lehman Reports Study, done in partnership with NTEN, identifies 16 areas of donor management product functionality and support rated as being most important to nonprofits. As compared to all Donor Management System products, the Databank ranked higher in satisfaction ratings in nearly every category. Of those 14, some of our most highly rated areas above other companies were: Online donation capabilities, Donor Relationship tracking (family, professional) and fundraising & campaign planning and management.

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