This is a continuation of a series we started in August, highlighting each of our valued complementary service partners who bring expertise to nonprofit organizations in the areas of fundraising consulting, payment gateway processing, tech support, and more. The first two partners highlighted were Sarah Suemnig, CFRE and Backpack Tactics.

This month I would like to introduce our readers to one of thedatabank’s newest partners, DonorPath.

DonorPath is the technology used to connect a community of nonprofits, experts, funders and software, providing every organization with the simplicity, guidance, tools, and time to raise more money to fund their mission.

DonorPath has been integrated with the Databank to help clients:

  • Allocate limited resources around what works, taking away the guesswork
  • Create, implement, and measure practical strategies to raise money with the assistance of a matched fundraising expert virtual consultation every other week.
  • Simplify and automate the analysis and key metrics of a healthy fundraising program.
  • Learn and adopt best practices through a resource library of sample materials and templates.

“DonorPath was eager to partner with thedatabank not only because of the potential for seamless data integration, but also because of its shared commitment to helping nonprofits improve their fundraising efforts through expert guidance and data analysis. We continue to be impressed with thedatabank’s platform, which is incredibly intuitive, highly user-friendly, and, most importantly, delivers real results; both DonorPath and thedatabank are committed to furthering nonprofits’ missions through data-driven insights, so this partnership has been invaluable in helping us serve our clients.” – Jenny Foughner, DonorPath
To learn more about DonorPath, and to get a free DonorPath trial, visit their web site.