Low-income communities and the environment are getting a big boost in Minnesota. The Energy Programs bill, recently signed by Governor Tim Pawlenty, will provide $2.5 million dollars for green jobs training for low-income people, combined with strict reporting guidelines to keep the community up to date on the progress of this initiative. In total, the bill grants $200 million to weatherize low-income homes and public buildings, helping to save energy costs and combat the climate crisis.

The signing of the Energy Programs bill by Governor Pawlenty is a great success for Databank client, HIRE Minnesota. HIRE Minnesota, a coalition of community organizations, has been organizing and informing its supporters for the last few months on the importance of the Energy Programs bill. A key part of this effort was utilizing the tools in their Databank.

According to HIRE Minnesota Coordinator, Alessandra Williams, “HIRE Minnesota has had almost 2,000 people sign-up to be a part of our campaign. When our supporters attend one of our gatherings, we place their contact information into the Databank, so that we may keep in touch with them and update them on important issues.”

When asked how they used their Databank to mobilize their supporters, she continues, “The Databank was especially helpful in sending out targeted action alerts to our members. With this feature, elected officials could be contacted by their constituents and encouraged to support language to the Energy Programs bill that would create real opportunities for women, low-income people and communities of color.”

HIRE Minnesota plans to continue to engage the community in its work and future planning strategies.

For more information on HIRE Minnesota, visit www.hiremn.org.

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