thedatabank, gbc has technology for government agencies of all types. We build cloud-based solutions that help you overcome information silos, outdated tools, and systems that are inefficient and unproductive. With a system built to your specific needs, you will have the capacity for greater impact, broader reach and improved outcomes in your communities.

What’s your sector? Here’s just a taste of what we can help you do:

Constituent Relations
Connect with your constituents more efficiently and effectively to improve communication, track impactful data, and increase capacity.

Workforce Development
Consolidate your work into one tool that can be used to handle recruitment, track compliance to hiring goals, and streamline processes.

Use a consolidated tool to track relevant legislation, keep constituents informed, and encourage community involvement.

Build dynamic directories with custom, searchable fields allowing for real-time changes as colleges and universities update member information.

Affordable Housing
Effectively manage your constituent information and communications to those constituents.