Online Engagement

Webinar recap: Google Analytics – beyond the basics

A brief recap of the wonderful webinar by Robin Google Analytics – Beyond the Basics covered four topics: Goals & Funnels, Site Search, Custom Reports, and Dashboards. I’ll give a brief overview of the four topics and their importance. Goals & Funnels With Goals & Funnels you can track how your supporters use your site… Read more

Know your supporters – Use click-through tracking to understand their personalities

Do you know your members? How well do you really know them? If you open up your database and pick a random member, you probably have good information on how much they’ve given, how often they open their emails, and what events they’ve attended. But what do you know about their personalities? Can you answer… Read more

You don’t know, what you don’t know

Last weekend I attend the SQL Saturday #149 Conference in Minneapolis. It was a great chance to get my feet wet in lots of technologies related to SQL Server. If you do not care about the intricacies of SQL Server, you’re in luck because that’s as technical as the rest of this post will get… Read more

Donor acquisition on social media – The overlooked goldmine! (Part one)

Would you give me $3.50 today if I paid you back $214.81 within 12 months? As someone who started doing direct mail prospecting in the 1980s, I’m old enough to have been around in the “Golden Age” of direct mail, and not so old that I can’t remember it. While there are lots of tales… Read more

Getting philosophical

The Technology for Change blog is happy to announce our new contributor Alex Basalo. Alex started as the marketing intern in September, and will write a blog post every month during her internship. I’ll admit it: as a senior in college, class is the last thing on my mind. I often find myself balancing between… Read more