Online Engagement

The 2013 legislative session is here – are you ready?

With the holidays in everyone’s rear view mirror and the new year underway, it’s also the start of the 2013 Legislative Session. Gearing up for the legislative session may consume your mind for many months leading up to it, but it’s easy to forget that your supporters may not be as tuned in as you… Read more

A lesson from Obama’s online fundraising team

The word optimization is creeping more and more into my everyday vocabulary – to the point where I now refer to those items at the back of my fridge as sub-optimal. In Fundraising, optimization is not just bluster and buzz though. It’s creating real results and deserves to occupy some of your thought. The details… Read more

Question your inquisitive process

Chances are you have your favorite community in which to ask questions. You are asking questions, right!? Maybe you follow a particular blog (this one?) and ask questions in the comments, or maybe you are a part of a couple online forums, or maybe your favorite community to ask questions in is your neighbor’s cubicle… Read more

Are these really best practices for email subject lines?

The Almighty Open Rate All nonprofits need and want to communicate with their supporters, but when it comes to email, there is one thing standing in your way – the inbox. In the world of email statistics, we all worship at the altar of the open rate. While open rate isn’t completely indicative of overall… Read more

Bulk up your e-Newsletter subscribers list – And keep them reading!

There are two main goals shared by nonprofits when it comes to monthly (or weekly or quarterly) e-newsletters: getting people to subscribe and retaining those subscribers. There’s always room for improvement in both areas, so make sure you keep the following tips in mind when marketing and publishing your e-newsletter: 1. Leverage Social media to… Read more