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Best Practice for E-News: Teaser, or Full Article?

Here's an audience question that came up at a conference session I recently attended.

What is the best practice for enews: include the full text of articles, or short teasers with links to full articles on the web? [More]

Good Answers to Great Questions: How can I email my list more frequently?

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits recently had their Annual Conference. Being interested on more of the tech side things, I gravitated towards those sessions with technology as a focus.While in a session on Fundraising and Email benchmarks, there was a question from the audience that received a vague answer:

‘I’ve got a lot of information that I want to get out to my email list, but I’m afraid that if I send them messages that are too large it will get buried, and if I send to them too frequently, they will unsubscribe.’

There are two different ways that I would suggest to approach this problem: [More]