What smart nonprofits know about the power of personal stories

Guest post by John Capecci, of Capecci Communications, a Complementary Service Provider for thedatabank. John is co-author, with Tim Cage, of “Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference,” and offers communication training, workshops, consulting and webinars on communication effectiveness. If you work in nonprofit communications, marketing or development, you know that personal stories… Read More


Inexpensive ways to optimize your year end fundraising campaigns – Offline & Online Part 2

Yesterday, we covered eight tips to optimize your offline fundraising campaigns. Today, we'll cover online giving. As a reminder, online giving in this context covers email campaigns and giving opportunities on your website. Let's dive in! The rule here is the same; the first hurdle in any appeal is getting someone to read it. Many of… Read More


Inexpensive ways to optimize your year-end fundraising campaigns – Offline & Online Part 1

As year-end giving is quickly approaching, I wanted to offer a few tips for inexpensive ways for you to best optimize your year-end fundraising campaigns to max the most of this giving season. I've broken it into two blog posts - offline mailing campaigns and online mailing campaigns (view part 2 here). For the sake… Read More

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Analytics for fundraising – questions before data queries

Guest post by Kim Olmsted, Complementary Service Provider for thedatabank. Kim has over 25 years of experience in developing analysis for organizational and departmental development. She has assisted clients with some of their most pressing fundraising issues using analysis as one of many tools to gauge effectiveness and investigate solutions. Being a data nerd, I simply… Read More

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Three options for managing data between your CRM and accounting system

When working with prospective clients, I am frequently asked what accounting or financial features our CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) software provides. It is understandable that an organization would want to consolidate as many systems as possible, especially when nonprofits are continuously asked to do more with less. It is important to understand, however, that a… Read More