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MNnptech presentation recap: Stop keeping secrets from your database | Eliminating rogue databases

On Friday I co-presented a session called Stop Keeping Secrets from Your Database: Eliminating Rogue Databases, at the MCN Technology & Communication Conference. Many thanks to my co-presenter Joel Barker for technical heavy lifting, pulling the visuals together, and altogether being a great person to work with. My favorite part of the presentation was the… Read more

Five tips for consolidating and eliminating rogue databases

We’ve talked a lot about why Rogue Databases exist and established that it’s a problem. Are you ready to do something about it? Five tips to eliminate rogue databases: (Don’t panic; many of these tips do not require money or advanced technical skill.) 1. Switch to all-in-one tool (e.g. Constituent Relationship Management software) Given that… Read more

Bringing rogue databases into the fold: A case study

“Success with a shared database platform requires top-down and bottom-up buy in to the selection process, and the design and use.” ~Dale Blyth, University of Minnesota, Extension Center for Youth Development The Center for Youth Development (CYD), an organization housed within the University of Minnesota and consisting of many smaller units, had a lot of contacts… Read more

Is integrating rogue databases worth the effort?

What’s the big deal about rogue databases? This is the second post in a short series I’m writing on Rogue Databases: those spreadsheets and contact files that exist outside of your “official” database. Last time, we listed some of the reasons rogue databases keep cropping up. In this post, we’ll cover a few ways they… Read more

Six reasons why rogue databases happen

Rogue databases. We’ve all seen them: the spreadsheets and contact files that persist in foiling our plans for Ultimate Integration. The problem is complex, so I’ll try to break it in to bite sized pieces for you. In this first post of the series, let’s talk about some of the reasons why rogue databases exist… Read more