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3 ways to keep nonprofit technology on track during staff change

With the nonprofit employee turnover rate hovering around 19%, more than half of nonprofits report turnover as a major obstacle in accomplishing their mission. I come from the nonprofit world and am very familiar with this challenge. At the small nonprofit where I worked for several years before joining thedatabank, we experienced an average annual… Read more

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An introduction to data, part 1: Data and the well-informed leader

There was a time when organizations could be led by intelligence and intuition alone. Today, if your intuition isn’t directing you to investigate the data underlying any critical decisions, it may be doing you a disservice. Data is not a magic wand, nor is it a crystal ball. It is a tool to challenge and… Read more

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Communication Strategies For Your Next CRM Implementation

It’s 4:30 PM and you are sitting at your desk when your phone buzzes. You’ve received a message from a loving spouse or a good friend which makes your eyes narrow and your lips purse in annoyance: “What do you want to do for dinner?” After you’ve calmed yourself, you come up with the clever… Read more

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Fostering public-private workforce development partnerships through technology

Job creation is always a hot topic in and out of politics. While job creation is good and necessary, just as important is developing workers with the skills and knowledge to fill those jobs. What is workforce development? Workforce development is an essential practice to help ensure that workers have the necessary skills and knowledge… Read more

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Why you should encourage your monthly donors to use ACH

The problem with credit cards If you’re a nonprofit fundraiser, then chances are that you love monthly donors and appreciate their steady, long-term commitment to your organization. From the donor perspective, your monthly givers are offered a convenient way to budget their financial support to your organization over a period of time. And you, the… Read more