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How to Be an Email Marketing Stoic

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients at thedatabank is “Why didn’t this person, who’s subscribed and has a valid address, receive our email blast?” It’s a seemingly straightforward question for which one demands and expects a logical, scientific answer. But I’m here to argue that it’s a question that… Read more


Top 5 blog posts from 2016

2016 has been a rough year for many, and honestly I am excited to bid it adieu in just a few short weeks, as are many. I may even make an ornament to remind me of this dumpster fire of a year. As I look forward to the hope that 2017 will have many more… Read more

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Overcoming the Confidence Gap

Recently I went to a great workshop put on by Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications called “Overcoming the Confidence Gap,” presented by guest speaker Kelly Olson, consultant and Program Director of Dress for Success Twin Cities. While this session was aimed at women, I really feel like it is applicable for anyone struggling with… Read more

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Designing accessible email for all

Creating inclusive messaging is an important and worthwhile task, and many of us will spend the time and effort to ensure that the content of our message is welcoming and inclusive. But is the same amount of thought and consideration being spent ensuring that the delivery of the message is inclusive as well? Over 56… Read more

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Where do I start when it comes to doing effective Impact Measurement?

Understanding why you need to do it Everything we read or hear about in the social service sector these days is filled with references to “impact” in some way. We can barely turn around and we’re confronted with admonitions about how we must do this or that to create greater impact. But a person can… Read more