Mark Paquette

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Nonprofit and unproductive? Work smarter with these 3 tips.

Nonprofit professionals are a hard-charging bunch. It didn’t take me long in my first nonprofit job to figure out that most of them are overworked and underpaid. Motivated by dedication to their organization’s mission, many seem to accept being perpetually in over their head as just part of the territory. A common side effect to… Read more

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Building a Culture of Feedback with Social Media Polls

By measuring social media responses we can identify the nature of an organization’s feedback loops. Many social media outlets have started to provide tools for getting feedback. How can we make the most of these new tools and opportunities? In this post we’ll focus on polls using Google Forms, Facebook, and Twitter. Answer the big… Read more

How to Be an Email Marketing Stoic

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients at thedatabank is “Why didn’t this person, who’s subscribed and has a valid address, receive our email blast?” It’s a seemingly straightforward question for which one demands and expects a logical, scientific answer. But I’m here to argue that it’s a question that… Read more

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You don’t need a Ph.D. to work with data

As an interlude to our ongoing series about the mechanics of data, I’d like to reflect upon a recent data workshop I attended. Organized by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and Karen Graham of Idealware, “Nonprofit Communicators Workshop: Wrangling Data to Drive Decisions” was a unique opportunity to hear other professionals’ perspectives and questions about… Read more

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Keeping a Clean Plate

Cold, limp, green beans. I love green beans but for some reason I always end up in the same spot: dinner is winding down and I’m staring at those cold limp green beans with a full stomach. My conscience chimes in, I narrow my eyes, steel myself, and eat those green beans. I feel the… Read more