sean-gardnerSean has over 30 years of experience in database software design and development, including 10 years writing clinical documentation systems for Long Term Care, Home Care, and Pharmaceutical Care, and 18 years writing web applications. Away from the office, he enjoys spending his time with the local music scene, lake walks, biking, restaurants, reading, and his grandchildren.

Get to know Sean a little better:

Why is working at a social impact-based company important to you? 

As a programmer, my workplace contribution to society is in a supporting, enabling role.  So it’s important to me to be aware of what it is I’m enabling, because it could be anything from bombs to bread.  At thedatabank I feel like I’m enabling amazing people to do amazing things for the betterment of the future my grandchildren will live in.

How do you spend your free time – when you have it?

I spend a lot of time going out to see local music and am frequently found at the 331 Club, Amsterdam Bar and Hall, Turf Club, Aster Café, Acadia, Cedar Cultural Center, Palmers, etc.  If you happened to see me there, you might hear me referred to as “Uncle Sean.”

What’s on your playlist while you’re at work?

I can’t listen to music at work!  I wouldn’t get anything done!

What does your perfect Saturday morning look like?

My perfect Saturday morning is unseen, because I’ve slept through it to make up for all the late nights at shows during the week!