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Introduction to Women and Substance Use Disorders
Monday, August 01, 2011

Introduction to Women and Substance Use Disorders

This 12-hour, self-paced course helps counselors and other practitioners working with women to better understand women’s substance use, treatment and recovery experiences and effective interventions for women. There are nine modules listed below along with the estimated amount of time necessary to complete each module.

A. About this Course: Overview and Navigation (.75 hour)
1. Women and Substance Use (1.25 hour)
2. Overview of Effective Clinical Interventions with Women (2 hours)
3. Violence, Trauma, and Trauma-Informed Approaches (2 hours)
4. Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders (CODs) (1.25 hours)
5. Health Care Issues for Women in Treatment (1.25 hour)
6. Considerations Related to Pregnancy (1.5 hours)
7. Considerations Related to Family (1.25 hours)
8. Moving Forward (.75 hour)
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