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Thank You Gifts

No gifts please. I would like all of my donation to support programming.

$60 or above
WDCB Navy-Blue Coffee Mug (more info)

$100 or above (choice of one)
Jazz: Dave Brubeck The Definitive Dave Brubeck 2-CD set (more info)
Jazz: Ben Paterson Essential Elements CD (more info)
Blues: Dave Specter Message in Blue CD (more info)
Blues: Alligator Records 20th Anniversary 2-CD set (more info)
Those Were the Days: Old Time Radio Goes to the Dentist 2-CD set (more info)
Sounds Ethereal/Hearts of Space: Lisbeth Scott Om Sweet Om CD (more info)
Mambo Express: Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz, Jazz Latin CD (more info)
Folk/Americana: Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt For Keeps CD (more info)

$120 or above (choice of one)
WDCB's NEW Navy-Blue Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt (more info)
(ONLY sizes S, M, XL, and XXXL are available - please indicate in Additional Comments section above)
WDCB's NEW winter stocking cap (more info)

$180 or above
WDCB Jazz Pack
includes: WDCB's NEW Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt, WDCB's Coffee Mug, AND your choice of one CD listed above! (more info)
(ONLY sizes S, M, XL, and XXXL are available - please indicate in Additional Comments section above)
(Please indicate CD choice in Additional Comments section above)

$240 or above
WDCBs Winter Warmer Special
includes: A coffee Gift Box from local roaster I Have A Bean with coffee, and two WDCB mugs.
Additionally, well throw in a WDCB winter stocking cap (more info)

$300 or above
WDCB Jazz "Triple Treat"
includes: Ben Paterson CD, Dave Brubeck CD, & Wayne Wallace CD!

$360 or above
WDCB Insider's Pack
includes: WDCB Jazz "Triple Treat" AND all WDCB Insider benefits listed below!

Benefits of WDCB

EVERYONE who contributes at one of the levels below will automatically be included in the listed thank you gifts.

$360 or above: WDCB "Insider" Package

Includes a pair of tickets to each of four WDCB Insider Concerts, as well as a station visit, and behind-the-scenes tour!
Also includes three Insider on-air announcements on the day of choice (pending availability).

$600 or above: WDCB Jazz Lovers Music Club

WDCB will send two dozen CDs over the course of the year.
Also includes all the benefits of the WDCB Insiders Club!

$1,200 or above: 'DCB VIP Package

Includes a WDCB VIP Reception, as well as a WDCB Jazz Night Out concert w/ dinner
Also includes ALL WDCB Insider benefits

$2,400 or above: 'DCB Cornerstone Society

Commemorative plaque with your name featured at WDCB
Invitation to a very special upcoming reception at WDCB Studios
Also includes ALL 'DCB VIP Package benefits

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