Voters overwhelmingly approved increasing the state’s minimum wage to a dollar above the federal amount in 2006.  If employers provided health care, they were exempt from paying the higher minimum wage. Last week, we learned that giant corporations were skirting this law with impunity.

Fat cat lobbyists for big business subverted the will of the people by inserting the word “offer” instead of “provide” health care in the minimum wage regulations. So a corporation can offer health care at a price workers can’t afford, and exempt itself from paying the extra dollar an hour for minimum wage!

Sign the petition below to tell Governor Sandoval to investigate wage theft:



Governor Brian Sandoval:


We, the undersigned, respectfully demand an investigation whether the State Labor Commissioner acted unlawfully by not implementing Nevada’s minimum wage law, overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2006.


As you know, a recent lawsuit filed on behalf of minimum wage workers states that your administration has neither enforced nor monitored this law. As a result, Nevada’s wealthiest corporations have stolen millions of dollars of wages from our lowest paid workers.


We ask you to please use the full force of your office to remedy this situation immediately. 


Thank you,


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104 Signatures 
  • 104Carson MillerPalo Alto, CA7/1/2014
  • 103Kim AdamsFernley, NV6/22/2014
  • 102Constance SchuettReno, NV6/12/2014
  • 101Genevieve MartinezReno, NV6/10/2014
  • 100Janet GilbertWashoe Valley, NV6/10/2014
  • 99Kim CruzReno, NV6/10/2014
  • 98Pam RussellReno, NV6/10/2014
  • 97Valerie McNayBoulder City, NV6/9/2014
  • 96Jennifer ReedLas Vegas, NV6/9/2014
  • 95Janet CarterReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 94Ramon AlanizReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 93Clayton GriffithReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 92Bill FineReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 91Vicki LosassoReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 90Helena CohenHenderson, NV6/9/2014
  • 89Angie SullivanLas Vegas, NV6/9/2014
  • 88Rita SloanReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 87Martha GreeneSparks, NV6/9/2014
  • 86Thelma MatlinReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 85Janice CarlsonLas Vegas, NV6/9/2014
  • 84Tom YoungLas Vegas, NV6/9/2014
  • 83Christian GerlachNorth Las Vegas, NV6/9/2014
  • 82Paul LenartReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 81Velsabet MojicaReno, NV6/9/2014
  • 80Derrick SloneHenderson, NV6/9/2014
  • 79Elizabeth AcevedoSun Valley, NV6/5/2014
  • 78Julia HammettReno, NV5/28/2014
  • 77Cj MillerSparks, NV5/27/2014
  • 76Jinger La BargeReno, NV5/27/2014
  • 75Thomas GoodwinLas Vegas, NV5/26/2014
  • 74Dianne SmithSparks, NV5/24/2014
  • 73Ronald SchoenherrReno, NV5/24/2014
  • 72Mel Goodwin5/23/2014
  • 71Brenda CassNorth Las Vegas, NV5/23/2014
  • 70Joanne PedenReno, NV5/23/2014
  • 69Patty ElzyReno, NV5/22/2014
  • 68Nancy HartReno, NV5/22/2014
  • 67Nancy LitchfieldReno, NV5/22/2014
  • 66Erica WirthlinReno, NV5/22/2014
  • 65AnonymousReno, NV5/22/2014
  • 64Thomas DuranteReno, NV5/22/2014
  • 63Gloria AlankoReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 62Mark BirdLas Vegas, NV5/21/2014
  • 61Stacey ShinnReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 60Alejandra RomeroLas Vegas, NV5/21/2014
  • 59Charles DuranteCarson City, NV5/21/2014
  • 58Dean AustinSparks, NV5/21/2014
  • 57AnonymousReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 56Thomas UppReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 55John DelibosLas Vegas, NV5/21/2014
  • 54Ann HarringtonReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 53AnonymousReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 52Gregory KrauseReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 51Vernell McNealLas Vegas, NV5/21/2014
  • 50Judith CarterReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 49Sarah Petite5/21/2014
  • 48Mario DelaRosaReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 47Rosemary FrenchReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 46Linda BallReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 45Coby LyonsLas Vegas, NV5/21/2014
  • 44Howard DurhamReno, NV5/21/2014
  • 43Demosthenes PapaeliouLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 42Sheila FreedReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 41Gary GrayLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 40Joanne LeovyLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 39Sophie SheppardLake City, CA5/20/2014
  • 38Jill RansomReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 37Danny ClarkeReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 36Mary JonesReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 35Lynne BlackReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 34Norma PriceLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 33Howard QuilitchReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 32Donna WilsonReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 31Katy SchleefReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 30Aurelio BuhayLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 29Derek GendvilLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 28Robert KernLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 27Gary MackenzieReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 26Gale AudiaReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 25Patricia FlingSparks, NV5/20/2014
  • 24Margaret ReinhardtSun Valley, NV5/20/2014
  • 23Connie SchuettSparks, NV5/20/2014
  • 22Naomi MillisorLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 21Yoojin Lee-SederaLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 20Bob TregilusReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 19AnonymousGold Hill, NV5/20/2014
  • 18Howard Watts IiiLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 17Cathy KamaHenderson, NV5/20/2014
  • 16Tom StewartReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 15David TollVirginia City, NV5/20/2014
  • 14Christiian GerlachNorth Las Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 13Robert Van NeyhofYerington, NV5/20/2014
  • 12Christine KramarLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 11Melanie Meehan-CrossleyGenoa, NV5/20/2014
  • 10Grace SalazarLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 9Bob MarchReno , NV5/20/2014
  • 8Nancy KuhnsLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
  • 7Mary FulkersonReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 6Oma RoseReno, NV5/20/2014
  • 5James WalshLas Vegas, NV5/20/2014
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