Tell RoJo to protect Medicare, BadgerCare, and Social Security
SIGN PETITION to Senator Ron Johnson urging him to protect Medicare, BadgerCare, and Social Security not the richest 2%

The ongoing budget negotiations in Congress regarding the debt and the "fiscal cliff" have the potential to cut off hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites from their access to healthcare. Cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare will leave high-risk Wisconsin citizens out in the cold with nowhere to turn.

Sign our Petition to Senator Ron Johnson telling him not to cut Medicare, BadgerCare, and Social Security just so the richest 2% can have a tax cut.

No deal is better than a bad deal that cuts what remains of our vital social safety net. If you believe that all Americans should have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life, sign this petition and tell Senator Johnson not to balance the budget on the backs of poor, working and middle class families. Sign our petition today!

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83 Signatures 
  • 83Jeffrey ZdraleNeenah, WI1/12/2013
  • 82Jeanne LarsonPhillips, WI12/22/2012
  • 81James & Darlene JakuszAmherst Jct, WI12/18/2012
  • 80Ann Marie FabosBrookfield, WI12/16/2012
  • 79Linda SoldanHartland, WI12/15/2012
  • 78Todd NovakofskiLadysmith, WI12/14/2012
  • 77David L. SmithStevens Point, WI12/14/2012
  • 76Teresa MitchellBrookfield, WI12/14/2012
  • 75AnonymousGreen Bay, WI12/14/2012
  • 74sidney grossbergMilwaukee, WI12/14/2012
  • 73Virginia KirschWausau, WI12/14/2012
  • 72John GroveShorewood, WI12/14/2012
  • 71Tom GroggMadison, WI12/14/2012
  • 70JoAnn HaaslerShorewood, WI12/14/2012
  • 69Susan RobertsMadison, WI12/14/2012
  • 68AnonymousWauwatosa, WI12/14/2012
  • 67Carl KalwaitisFond Du Lac, WI12/14/2012
  • 66Leon BurzynskiPewaukee, WI12/14/2012
  • 65Pat RobertsWausau, WI12/14/2012
  • 64Dawn CasperMadison, WI12/14/2012
  • 63Mariaelena CalhounMilwaukee, WI12/14/2012
  • 62Tony VanderbloemenGreen Bay, WI12/14/2012
  • 61Lois MalawskyMilwaukee, WI12/14/2012
  • 60Maxine NehmerWindsor, WI12/14/2012
  • 59David JohnsonMarinette, WI12/13/2012
  • 58Linda RiesenMuskego, WI12/13/2012
  • 57Linda WeaverWest Allis, WI12/13/2012
  • 56Pamela WallEau Claire, WI12/13/2012
  • 55nancy priceFitchburg, WI12/11/2012
  • 54Karen LawNeenah, WI12/11/2012
  • 53Dennis & Terri LowderBrown Deer, WI12/11/2012
  • 52David RosenbergMilwaukee, WI12/11/2012
  • 51Dr. Ian & Norma GilsonShorewood, WI12/11/2012
  • 50Sonja Simonson SchragLa Crosse, WI12/11/2012
  • 49George WagnerMilwaukee, WI12/11/2012
  • 48Kurtkay FrederickMilwaukee, WI12/11/2012
  • 47Jack ConnellEau Claire, WI12/11/2012
  • 46Nadine RadtkeGenoa City, WI12/11/2012
  • 45Dwayne BlockOconomowoc,, WI12/10/2012
  • 44AnonymousSt. Francis, WI12/10/2012
  • 43willard markhardtmadison, WI12/10/2012
  • 42Frances HoffmanDeforest, WI12/10/2012
  • 41Gary CollinsMadison, WI12/10/2012
  • 40Judith AhlbergTurtle Lake, WI12/10/2012
  • 39Penny HowellGreen Lake, WI12/10/2012
  • 38Bonnie StoebnerSoldiers Grove, WI12/10/2012
  • 37Richard Lerche JrSt Francis, WI12/10/2012
  • 36Joyce RadtkeCudahy, WI12/10/2012
  • 35AnonymousMilwaukee, WI12/10/2012
  • 34Tom HeppeShorewood, WI12/10/2012
  • 33Robert HillWaupaca, WI12/10/2012
  • 32Mary Lee MakiLittle Chute, WI12/7/2012
  • 31AnonymousLittle Chute, WI12/7/2012
  • 30Joanne KausGrafton, WI12/3/2012
  • 29Louise and John WildeNew London, WI12/3/2012
  • 28Joanne CollinsBayfield, WI12/2/2012
  • 27Kathlin SickelGreen Bay, WI12/1/2012
  • 26Paul TrotterMilwaukee, WI12/1/2012
  • 25AnonymousWhitewater, WI11/30/2012
  • 24Steve WolfGreen Bay, WI11/30/2012
  • 23George BeckeRacine, WI11/30/2012
  • 22Mark FullerJanesville, WI11/30/2012
  • 21Rita CannestraWest Allis, WI11/30/2012
  • 20Georgene VoutilaMilwaukee, WI11/30/2012
  • 19Lynn MallakWest Allis, WI11/30/2012
  • 18Lisa FrymarkWauwatosa, WI11/30/2012
  • 17Susan DeckerStanley, WI11/30/2012
  • 16Yvonne WardGreen Bay, WI11/30/2012
  • 15Paul HeiserMadison, WI11/30/2012
  • 14Sarah HansonOshkosh, WI11/30/2012
  • 13SuAnn SensoNeenah, WI11/30/2012
  • 12Richard MeyerMadison, WI11/30/2012
  • 11Patricia BlakesleeMaribel, WI11/29/2012
  • 10Martine TateMilwaukee, WI11/29/2012
  • 9Kelley AlbrechtBurlington, WI11/29/2012
  • 8Susan HansenShell Lake, WI11/27/2012
  • 7Anette HansenMadison, WI11/27/2012
  • 6Valerie MurphyMadison, WI11/27/2012
  • 5Doug PerrySouth Milwaukee, WI11/27/2012
  • 4Mary Jo PattonAmherst Junction, WI11/27/2012
  • 3Jill SchillingChippewa Falls, WI11/27/2012
  • 2Jennnifer EppsMilwaukee, WI11/27/2012
  • 1Sarah WagnerSalem, WI11/27/2012
  • 0Matthew BruskyMilwaukee, WI11/27/2012
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