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                                                                                                    Karen Graham
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October 5, 2011

thedatabank releases DBnow: Fundraising Essentials™ – Affordable fundraising software for small nonprofits  

thedatabank, inc announced today that it will launch a new product, DBnow: Fundriaising Essentials™ on October 6th. DBnow will include the core Databank constituent relationship management functionality, Fundraising and eMarketing tools for small nonprofits.

Nonprofits all over the country have been struggling in the current economy, with declining revenue from grants and state funding disappearing, and increased competition for individual donations.  Because of this, more than ever, nonprofits need to find ways to diversify their revenue in order to achieve financial sustainability. It is essential that they have great donor management software to help them do this.

“Building long-term relationships with individual donors provides an organization with sustainable revenue regardless of what happens with institutional giving,” Said thedatabank CEO Chris Hanson. Having a proven fundraising platform more than pays for itself in helping build these relationships.”  

thedatabank wanted to find a way to quickly get these important tools in the hands of small nonprofits, but at a more affordable price. DBnow features many of the same tools as thedatabank's Premium/full system, but at a 50% cost reduction for nonprofits on a small budget. 

According to thedatabank's Director of Business Development Karen Graham, return on investment is a growing concern for nonprofits considering a software purchase. "Based on our data on average donations, if an organization can generate two more donations a month using DBnow, it pays for itself,” said Graham. "The ROI is pretty simple."

Nonprofits with fewer than 5,000 database records can sign up for DBnow, for $99 a month – the original price charged in 1998, when thedatabank introduced the first cloud based fundraising software. 

“What we’re offering today at $99 a month is head and shoulders above what we launched in 1998,” Hanson explained, “DBnow has everything a small organization needs to run a full-scale individual donor program: online giving, bulk email and text messaging, subscription management, campaign management, social media integration, robust analytics, and more.” Hanson continued, "We’ve leveraged our experience and proven technology to provide smaller nonprofits a 21st Century, state-of-the-art, integrated fundraising system at 1998 prices.”

Full product information is available at      

thedatabank, inc. was founded in 1998, through the vision of its two founders, Chris Hanson and Mark Paquette. Hanson and Paquette each have a long history of working for and with organizations focused on social justice, peace and human rights. Since then, they have devoted themselves to developing and delivering innovative database software to help organizations make a difference.



"Your service and support have been exemplary, and we are completely satisfied with the service from thedatabank. You are awesome people to work with."

~Steven Streib, ATTC Network Coordinating Office

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