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Introducing DBnow: Fundraising Essentials™

Since 1998, it has been the mission of thedatabank to create positive social change through technology by providing affordable software to nonprofits to enhance their mission; which is why today we are launching a new version of our system, DBnow: Fundraising Essentials™.

The current economic climate is the most difficult I’ve ever seen for the nonprofit sector. After years of tremendous growth in both funding and number of nonprofit organizations, the sector is has seen institutional giving significantly drop and individual giving growth slow to a trickle. At the same time, the recession and push for reduced government spending has put pressure on many nonprofits to increase their services.

A recent piece by Tim Marx  (CEO of Catholic Charities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis) lays out the grave situation they, and many other organizations, face in helping the needy. The numbers of people needing help is growing rapidly, exceeding the capacity of many nonprofits. Nonprofits are making difficult choices of reducing staff, eliminating services, sometimes even shutting the door.

Nonprofits that are dependent on a few large funders are particularly vulnerable. The loss of a grant or service contract for these organizations can be devastating. Having a good fundraising system to help build individual donations can be one source of relief, but many of these systems are too costly.

When we launched the Databank in 1998 we were the only cloud based fundraising software in the country. Our starting price was $99 a month. For this you got a basic fundraising system with bulk text email. For that time it was state-of-the-art and the pricing was unheard of in the market.

While we still think the Databank is a tremendous value, the average cost for a fully customized Databank system is beyond what a lot of smaller nonprofits can afford. Therefore, we’ve decided to offer a version of the Databank called DBnow: Fundraising Essentials™.

For just $99 a month, organizations will get a robust fundraising system that includes:

  • Online giving
  • Bulk personalized email and texting
  • Campaign and subscription management
  • In-depth analytics and more

Everything a smaller organization needs to manage an individual donor program for the 1998 price of $99 a month.

To find out what your organization could do for $99 a month go here. Try it out for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied with your DBnow system you get your money back, guaranteed.

Every Onward -

Chris Hanson
The Fortunate Technologist and thedatabank CEO

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