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"How would you wash a dirty dish?"

I was determined to avoid the “Mac Bubble” in my last semester at Macalester. “Mac Bubble” refers to a term developed by students at Macalester College which symbolizes the risk of being so involved in Macalester life that you are unable to explore the great opportunities in the Twin Cities. That’s why a handy piece of advice given by the wise is “Get out of the Mac Bubble!” While I have always enjoyed the great opportunities for leadership and campus involvement, I strongly believe in exploring the local community through volunteering, internships, biking and anything else that gets you “out there”. [More]

Three SEO Takeaways - Love Signals: Making Friends with Search Engines

In case you are not familiar with SEO, it is the process that determines where your web site ranks for organic search on the major search engines. While it is a process that is always evolving, things such as keyword relevancy, content, and authority continue to stay at the core. Here are my top three takeaways from Cary's presentation: [More]

Valentine Brain Candy: Blogs I love (Amanda’s Edition)

Last year, Karen Graham wrote a great article about blogs that she loves. I’m starting a new tradition with that idea and sharing some blogs that I love this Valentine’s day. My list is a delicious variety of great nonprofit reads, marketing tips and just plain fun. [More]

Organize Yourself to Success: Tips for Getting Started in Your Nonprofit Career

The technology for Change blog is happy to announce our new contributor Antonia Kurtz. Antonia started as the marketing intern this month, and will write a blog post every month during her internship.

Whether working in politics or for a non-profit, things can get pretty chaotic. I know this only too well from my prior job, working as a field organizer for the DFL. Between the ebb and flow of volunteers, managing materials and putting together reports, things can get pretty overwhelming when working on a project for the greater good. [More]

8 Reasons Your Nonprofit Can't Excel with 'Excel'

At first glance, Excel seems like the perfect solution for a resource-constrained nonprofit that needs a way to track supporters and donations. But looks can be deceiving, and what appears to be a free and easy option is actually going to cost your organization a fortune.

What are the hidden costs of Excel? Here are eight of the most common complaints I've heard from organizations I've worked with: [More]