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Using Psychology to Increase Donations

There is an ever-growing body of research trying to determine why people give. Think of your own charitable giving and ask yourself what it was that enticed you to actually get out your credit card. Was it the way you were asked or who did the asking, the organization’s mission, their website, or possibly the picture of the sad puppy that tipped the scale? Whatever it was, chances are great that your response was driven by psychology. The reason that you responded may not be the same reason why your neighbor responded to the same appeal.

By learning the reasons why your supporters respond to your organization’s communication and appeals, you are better able to target your message. How do you do this most effectively and convert your supporters to donors? [More]

Technology as Strategy

The other day, a MAP board member asked me an intriguing question. To paraphrase, she asked: If, rather than consulting with other organizations, you could focus 100% on technology for our own organization, could technology transform us? In other words, if we choose technology as our chief strategy, where might it take us? [More]

The Importance of Communicating 'How'

I’ve seen a lot of great storytelling, but I’ve also seen a lot of not-so-great storytelling. And the most common reason for much of the less-than-stellar storytelling, both in nonprofit communications and conference sessions, has been too much time spent telling me what and why, and not enough time spent telling me how. [More]

A Deep Dive Into Advocacy: Q&A Session with Iowa Environmental Council

Recently, at thedatabank we’ve been trying to focus on informing advocacy-based organizations about the importance of having a designated advocacy system that is both robust and integrated. To dive a little deeper into this topic, I’ve invited Matt Hauge of Iowa Environmental Council to talk about how their organization has used an advocacy platform to empower and advance IEC’s mission... [More]

Why Use an Advocacy System When I Already Have a Bulk Email Provider?

There are many nonprofits that view advocacy systems and communication systems as similar, or even as the same thing. Many don’t understand the advanced capabilities provided by advocacy systems, and the differences between communication and advocacy systems. So what are these “advocacy systems,” and how are they different than your cherished bulk email system? [More]