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Technology as Strategy

The other day, a MAP board member asked me an intriguing question. To paraphrase, she asked: If, rather than consulting with other organizations, you could focus 100% on technology for our own organization, could technology transform us? In other words, if we choose technology as our chief strategy, where might it take us? [More]

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Back in 2003, when I started working at thedatabank, my last name was Lemke and Twitter wasn't invented yet.

In the past nine years I've seen the rise of mobile devices and social media, a recession that hit nonprofits with greater demand for services at the same time funding was drying up, increased scrutiny of the public sector, and through it all, the growth of this company. Against this backdrop I learned the intricate dance of work-life balance, becoming a spouse and a mother of two, a manager, a board member, and a congregational leader.

Reflecting on my tenure at thedatabank, I see a few themes emerge, constants in the nonprofit technology equation. [More]

10 Key Features to Look For in Nonprofit CRM Software

I've taken great pains, in previous posts, to persuade my readers that selecting software for your nonprofit software should start with a needs assessment, and that your list of required features should be built around your needs and goals. If you're looking for a shortcut, read this. It's likely that your nonprofit organization is experiencing some of the same problems that are typical across the sector. Even without a deep understanding of your unique situation, I can point you toward a generic list of popular features and considerations, as a starting point. [More]



LinkedIn: I'm All In

When I tell people LinkedIn is my favorite social network, I usually get the side-eye. At the social media party, LinkedIn is the guy in the corner with the pocket protector, but let me assure you he's worth your time.

Here are a few of the concrete ways LinkedIn has helped me: [More]

Email Calls to Action: 4 Tips on Formatting for Maximum Impact

When your nonprofit is emailing a call to action, an obvious goal is to get as many responses as possible. Here are two small techniques that can boost response rates.

1. Show the call to action twice - First right at the beginning/top, and then again where you have it at the bottom. [More]