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How to get the most out of your nonprofit technology – or know when to make a change

Your nonprofit has a mission. You have a strategic plan. You are on your way to fulfilling your mission. Okay, great! So how does technology fit into all this? As we’ve been discussing, organizations that work best are ones that use Technology as Strategy instead of considering their technology just another office supply. Technology should… Read More

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Why your organization needs data documentation

As you are no doubt aware, a nonprofit can look like a very different place from year to year. A change in funding, a new executive director, or a board vote to pivot the mission can all drastically alter the scenery of your organization. One year you may receive a lifesaving grant or large donation… Read More

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Technology as Strategy: What it means and how you can get started

Over the last few years, we’ve been talking more and more about Technology as Strategy. In fact, we believe so strongly in this that we’ve made including Technology as Strategy a requirement in the purchasing process for any of our new clients. In the simplest terms, it means looking at the technology in your organization… Read More

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Thank You, Kate

We are so excited for the new adventures that lay ahead for Kate, and we will miss her presence greatly here. Many of us who have worked with Kate wanted to share what a great impact she left on us, and how much she will be missed: "This is not a farewell or goodbye, but… Read More

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5 tips to optimize your nonprofit’s Twitter page

If you work in your nonprofit’s marketing or communications department, you know that Twitter is an essential tool for connecting with your audience and presenting your organization well. The scenery changes on Twitter quickly and frequently, and no one person can be expected to keep track of it all (and working for a nonprofit, you… Read More