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Using Psychology to Increase Donations

There is an ever-growing body of research trying to determine why people give. Think of your own charitable giving and ask yourself what it was that enticed you to actually get out your credit card. Was it the way you were asked or who did the asking, the organization’s mission, their website, or possibly the picture of the sad puppy that tipped the scale? Whatever it was, chances are great that your response was driven by psychology. The reason that you responded may not be the same reason why your neighbor responded to the same appeal.

By learning the reasons why your supporters respond to your organization’s communication and appeals, you are better able to target your message. How do you do this most effectively and convert your supporters to donors? [More]

Get Better Fundraising Data Next Year

With the year coming to an end, it's time to look at your fundraising data from this year and recount your successes. It's also a great time to look at what you might do better in the coming year. While your goals for the next year probably revolve around getting more donors and more money, one goal for the new year that will help you get there is to get better donation data. As you go over your data this year, what is it that you wish you knew about your donors or particular donations but aren’t currently tracking? I'm a strong advocate for link tracking, so here are my ideas: [More]

Targeting Those Who Visit Without a Donation

There's more data about your donors floating around than ever before. To leverage this information, marketers are increasingly relying on this information to 'micro-target' their appeals. Unfortunately, this level of detail is beyond the reach of most nonprofits. Instead, organizations will normally broadcast their message to those who have indicated a previous interest whether through advocacy, email lists, event attendance, or that most hallowed of all people - the lapsed donor; who will come up in your LYBNT and SYBNT reports. I propose that there may be an even more hallowed segment of people: those who have looked at your donation page but for some reason or another, didn't quite make the leap. Since I need an acronym for these people, let's go with VWADs (Visit Without A Donation). [More]