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How Does Text To Donate Fit With Your Database?

Text to Donate is a tantalizing option for many Nonprofits seeking an extra channel to engage donors. The most appealing aspect of the Text To Donate mechanism is that it couldn’t be any simpler: All a donor has to do is text a short code to a special number and they are automatically billed for the transaction. Because donation is so easy and the dollar amounts involved are typically low, this type of giving can bring in a large number of new donors to your organization. [More]

Secrets to finding out what you need - Good questions to ask during a technology assessment

Do you know what is hard about working in technology? For me it's that most people don't know what they want, or it is very difficult for them to say what it is they actually want. Malcolm Gladwell in a 2004 TEDTalk on spaghetti sauce illustrated this problem so well, that I'm just going to quote him: [More]

How to Benchmark Yourself

In preparation for my upcoming breakout session at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Annual Conference, I’ve put a lot of thought into benchmarking. A lot of my work on the session has been focused on obtaining a deeper understanding of benchmarks for MN, and how MN based organizations can use that knowledge to improve their communications. An integral part of that understanding depends on organizations benchmarking themselves. Here are some tips on how to benchmark your own organization. [More]