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CRM for Nonprofits, Discussion on #NPTalk Twitter Chat

What does CRM mean? What are the most important features for a nonprofit to look for in a CRM? How can a nonprofit go about choosing a CRM?

These are a few of the questions discussed on this week's #NPTalk Twitter Chat. If you're new to CRM, or even if you've had one for quite a while and suspect there might be something better, it can feel overwhelming to attempt to understand the options and make a good choice. Honestly, I've been working in this field for eight years, and I still feel overwhelmed sometimes! How does one begin to sift through all of the bells and whistles and shiny new things? [More]

Sprayed by the Twitter Hose: How to Handle a Twitter Chat

Gift to my enemies: If you want to make me nervous, introduce me as an expert. I know my stuff. I'm pretty confident. But when the host of the #NPTalk Twitter Chat introduced me yesterday as an expert guest, I have to tell you, it cranked up the pressure a bit. Add that to my inexperience participating in these chats, and I was about ready to throw up. But I survived! Now I'm here to share these tips on participating in a Twitter Chat. [More]