plate of green beans and a clove of garlic

Keeping a Clean Plate

Cold, limp, green beans. I love green beans but for some reason I always end up in the same spot: dinner is winding down and I’m staring at those cold limp green beans with a full stomach. My conscience chimes in, I narrow my eyes, steel myself, and eat those green beans. I feel the… Read More

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Overcoming the Confidence Gap

Recently I went to a great workshop put on by Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications called “Overcoming the Confidence Gap,” presented by guest speaker Kelly Olson, consultant and Program Director of Dress for Success Twin Cities. While this session was aimed at women, I really feel like it is applicable for anyone struggling with… Read More

computer screen with "broken" sign on it

11 signs you might need new nonprofit technology

Nonprofits don't always make the right investment in their technology. Sometimes, trying to save money, they use "free" software, not realizing it's actually costing them a lot in terms of staff time. Other times, they are willing to spend money, but budget and time constraints leave them with few technology options, none of which truly… Read More

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7 soothing distractions to get you through tough nonprofit times

It's been a stressful year in the nonprofit world and, well, everywhere. You work hard, but sometimes you need a distraction. I've compiled a few websites that help me de-stress when things get tough, and I hope they help you too. They might come in handy for your year-end fundraising campaign! Soy tu Aire -… Read More

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The MN Tech Diversity Pledge: Tough and necessary conversations

America is experiencing necessary growing pains. Government, nonprofits and technology are at the center of this healing process. Nonprofits are an integral entry point for many people in need of education, social services, or guidance. Government is a primary source for both funding and direction, while technology is enabling unprecedented increases of efficiency and decreases… Read More