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You Are What You Buy - From Caveat Emptor to Value Based Buying

Back in the “goode olde” days of snake oil sales and shady sales people (thank goodness we’ve cleaned that up), there were no consumer protection laws. The onus on making a good purchasing decision was on the consumer. If they made a bad decision, there was no one to blame but themselves. [More]

Technology At What Cost?

The other day I came across a bit of technology that I found both fascinating and appalling. Before I go to the specifics of this experience I want to talk a bit about the reality that technology often has both positive and negative aspects.

Many people (not me if you’ve read my earlier post) love the way that Facebook can connect people, and yet almost every day I read an article or headline talking about security and privacy concerns with Facebook. Google has made it insanely easy to find content “for free” on the Internet and at the same time is tracking everything you do online and selling that information to the highest bidder. [More]