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10 years of personal and professional development at thedatabank: Administrative Manager Melissa Imboden reflects

When I first started working for thedatabank in 2006, I was fresh out of college with a marketing degree. I was offered a position as Marketing Intern, and little did I know what a big part of my adult life thedatabank would become. Professionally I have moved within the company from Marketing Intern to Marketing… Read More

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Celebrating three 10-year anniversaries at thedatabank

Last week, we celebrated three members of thedatabank team's 10th anniversary with our company. We are proud and honored to say that we have employees who choose to stay with us for so long. Having three members of our team celebrate 10 years with us is an amazing milestone we were all excited to commemorate… Read More

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10 years of change and growth at thedatabank – Senior Software Engineer Sean Gardner reflects

In the 10 years I've been at thedatabank, we've always been located in the TractorWorks building in Minneapolis' North Loop. In 2006 we were a smaller company on the third floor, still building up after surviving the dotcom bust. The building and the neighborhood were kind of dumpy. Compared to today, you might say our… Read More

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A Primer on Nonprofit Dashboards

Guest Post by Jonathan Poisner. Jonathan Poisner Strategic Consulting helps nonprofits thrive. He does that by serving as a meeting facilitator and consultant, with a focus on fundraising and strategic planning. The phrase “Nonprofit Dashboard” is not one I recall hearing in my first decade in the nonprofit sector (1994-2004). Then, about 10 years ago, I started… Read More

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How to Get People Excited About Your Next Event: A Case Study

Guest post by Colleen Powers, of jabber logic, a Complementary Service Provider for thedatabank. jabber logic specializes in brand identity and full-service marketing programs for small businesses and nonprofits.  If your job is in development or communications, the year is probably structured around your organization’s big events — fundraising galas, educational panels, appreciation dinners, and more. In… Read More