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Three Things You Should Know To Create An Effective Infographic

You just clicked send on your monthly e-newsletter sent to thousands of supporters, and the post-send anxiety is setting in. Your newsletter was crafted to relay a message, but will it get the job done? Your message is important, and so is the way you present it. Maybe you should consider presenting some of your updates as an infographic. From an annual report to a mailer, infographics can be used to relay information in a concise and attractive manner. [More]

Creating Habits for Social Good

For-profits have been influencing behavior and creating habits in their customers for years. For a perfect example of this, look no further than Facebook. I will admit Facebook has been successful in influencing my behavior, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The good news is, these tactics can translate to the non-profit world as well, and be used to create social good. But how? First you need to understand what the ingredients are to influencing behavioral change. [More]

A Few Of My Favorite (free) Things for Nonprofit Marketing

I know thedatabank isn’t a nonprofit, but being a small, privately owned business, we don’t have a huge budget for marketing, unlike many of our direct competitors. So like many nonprofits, we rely on some awesome free tools to help us make and monitor great content. So, without further ado:

My top ten favorite free marketing tools [More]

Working with Cross-Sector Leadership

Since I came to the thedatabank as a marketing intern, I am learning everyday from our team members about the dynamics of how the nonprofit sector works in the Twins Cities metro area. From my previous academic and professional experience in Brazil, I’ve learned that working with cross-sector and negotiating different interests involves understanding the importance of the role played by integrative leadership to achieve the common good. Three of the main lessons I have learned from my past experience so far are: [More]

A Beginners Guide to Choosing CRM Software for Nonprofits In 6 Steps

When beginning the process of researching potential Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems for your organization, you may be thinking “where do we start?”. Here is a breakdown of the 6 steps to successfully implementing a CRM: [More]