Amanda Bingham

Meet the new website!

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with a local Minnesotan website developer to re-envision thedatabank, gbc’s website – and we must say, we’re a fan of how it has turned out! We hope you’ll take some time to peruse the new site and check out some of the changes we’ve made. Some pages you… Read more

Your CRM is basically a superhero

It’s no secret to those that know me that I’m a pretty huge superhero fan. Part of what draws me to superheroes is that they can do so many amazing things. One superhero has the ability to do the work of an entire police force or more. Much the same, having a CRM database eliminates… Read more

Data visualization: Quick tips to better excel charts

We’ve talked on this blog a few times about how you can’t excel with using Excel as your database, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t see the value in using Excel for some things – such as making awesome, custom charts! Surely you’ve seen standard Excel charts like these at meetings or in… Read more

The importance of communicating ‘how’

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to go to many conferences and professional development events in the last couple of years and also, to be able to see many different kinds of communications that nonprofits make for their supporters. I’ve seen a lot of great storytelling, but I’ve also seen a lot of not-so-great… Read more

How to get the most from your next conference experience

It’s hard to believe NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference has already come and gone. This was my second year in attending NTC, and I think I walked away with even better information that last year – and there are a few big reasons why. Here are some of my takeaways on how to have a fruitful… Read more