Karen Graham

Quick tips for nonprofit software needs assessment

Identifying needs and priorities is a big job, but investing in this effort up front will lead to a better decision. This post will give you a few quick tips and resources to help. Involve all stakeholders and end users. Getting their input from the start will help ensure broad satisfaction, and enthusiastic adoption of… Read more

10 key features to look for in nonprofit CRM software

I’ve taken great pains, in previous posts, to persuade my readers that selecting software for your nonprofit software should start with a needs assessment, and that your list of required features should be built around your needs and goals. But, if you’re looking for a shortcut, read this. It’s likely that your nonprofit organization is… Read more

How can I identify my nonprofit’s software needs and priorities?

Before you ever start looking at specific nonprofit CRM software products and features, you must understand three things: your nonprofit’s goals, the tools you already have, and the parameters within which you can work. Your Goals What is it you are trying to accomplish through use of the software? Virtually every nonprofit organization wants to… Read more

Live, from the AFP 2012 International Conference on Fundraising

Here I am at the AFP International Conference on Fundraising, and I just got out of a packed session called Social Networking and Online Fundraising Success, with Ted Hart. I’ve been following Ted and reading his emails via ePhilanthropy for years, and it was fun to walk in the room and see him up there… Read more

Is your nonprofit ready for a new CRM?

In my last post, I outlined six steps for choosing Nonprofit CRM software. Step one was: 1. Honest assessment of organization’s readiness – Before you devote the significant amount of time that’s needed to accomplish steps 2-6, make sure your organization is willing and able to make use of the resulting software investment. Let’s explore… Read more