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thedatabank’s 2016 in review

2016 was a big year for thedatabank and for our clients! Our team grew and our clients used their Databank technology to build capacity, raise funds, influence public policy, and inspire social good! We moved away from packaged database products to focus on custom, capacity building solutions that support each organization’s unique strategic technology needs… Read more

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11 signs you might need new nonprofit technology

Nonprofits don’t always make the right investment in their technology. Sometimes, trying to save money, they use “free” software, not realizing it’s actually costing them a lot in terms of staff time. Other times, they are willing to spend money, but budget and time constraints leave them with few technology options, none of which truly… Read more

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7 soothing distractions to get you through tough nonprofit times

It’s been a stressful year in the nonprofit world and, well, everywhere. You work hard, but sometimes you need a distraction. I’ve compiled a few websites that help me de-stress when things get tough, and I hope they help you too. They might come in handy for your year-end fundraising campaign! Soy tu Aire –… Read more

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What ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ Can Teach Nonprofits About Using Data

Data, though seemingly an objective collection of facts, can reflect human bias. Depending on what data is being collected and how it is being analyzed, it may contribute to models that harm or help. For example: Looking at one piece of data, your zip code, your bank may give you a high interest rate on… Read more

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3 ways to keep nonprofit technology on track during staff change

With the nonprofit employee turnover rate hovering around 19%, more than half of nonprofits report turnover as a major obstacle in accomplishing their mission. I come from the nonprofit world and am very familiar with this challenge. At the small nonprofit where I worked for several years before joining thedatabank, we experienced an average annual… Read more