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Payment Gateway Partners

Online transaction processing with The Databank is a smooth, integrated, and secure process. We integrate with four Payment Gateways: IATS, Fast Charge,, and Vanco.

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Comparison chart of thedatabank's Payment Gateway Partners

About Payment Gateways:

  • Payment gateways are a third party you pay to authorize your credit card transactions. 
  • If you don't have a payment gateway, you have to authorize the transactions yourself by keying in the credit card number or phoning it in.
  • Sometimes they collect the money for you and send you a check; others transmit the money to your merchant account. 
  • They may or may not take care of contacting donors when transactions are denied, e.g. bad credit card number or over the limit.
  • Prices vary; see our chart for details. Some charge account setup and maintenance fees.
  • IATS and Vanco are the only ones that do not require you to have a merchant account. They collect the money for you and make an electronic deposit to your account.
  • IATS has special application requirements for political campaigns. Please contact IATS for details.


Wisconsin Lakes

"With the Databank, I really feel I am working with a company that wants my organization to succeed at its mission, not just to sell me as much software as it can get me to buy."  

~Michael Engleson, Wisconsin Lakes

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