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Payment Gateway Partners

Online transaction processing with The Databank is a smooth, integrated, and secure process. We integrate with four Payment Gateways: IATS, Fast Charge,, and Vanco.

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Comparison chart of thedatabank's Payment Gateway Partners

About Payment Gateways:

  • Payment gateways are a third party you pay to authorize your credit card transactions. 
  • If you don't have a payment gateway, you have to authorize the transactions yourself by keying in the credit card number or phoning it in.
  • Sometimes they collect the money for you and send you a check; others transmit the money to your merchant account. 
  • They may or may not take care of contacting donors when transactions are denied, e.g. bad credit card number or over the limit.
  • Prices vary; see our chart for details. Some charge account setup and maintenance fees.
  • IATS and Vanco are the only ones that do not require you to have a merchant account. They collect the money for you and make an electronic deposit to your account.
  • IATS has special application requirements for political campaigns. Please contact IATS for details.


Safety and Justice

"I'm thrilled about these reports and this is exactly why we keep staying with the Databank - you are responsive to what we need."

~ Lindy Walsh, Partnership for Safety and Justice


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