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Manage Grants

Note: The Grant Management tool is NOT included in the Fundraising Software module, but the Fundraising Module is required in order to set it up.

Which general operating grants have we applied for? Which application deadlines are coming up this month? Are there any reports due? Your Databank can help you answer these questions!

Many organizations rely on grants to keep their organization funded. That's why thedatabank offers a grant management package to help you keep your grant tracking organized and efficient.

The Grant Management tool includes:

  • A grant info/history table
  • Grant calendar table
  • Grant calendar report

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"One of the things I love the most about thedatabank is that the on-line database and the off-line database are one. I just can't fathom why anyone accepts having to download from off-line to on-line for an eBlast, and then back to the off-line to update it."

~ Ken Scott, WDCB Public Radio

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