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‘Trick-or-Treat!’ Shop For Your Nonprofit’s Sweet New CRM Without Getting Any Tricks

This time of year, little ones are picking out costumes, planning their trick-or-treating groups and generally getting excited for Halloween. And if you’re like me, this time of year can make you nostalgic for the Halloween of your childhood. The autumn also marks an important time for nonprofit technology. After a summer full of conferences and vacations, and before year end holiday plans and fundraising pushes, it is also often when many nonprofits decide to migrate to a new CRM system.

Use these four tips to make sure your software search runs smoothly and you end up with a sweet system, not just something you were tricked into thinking was a great deal: [More]

Using Psychology to Increase Donations

There is an ever-growing body of research trying to determine why people give. Think of your own charitable giving and ask yourself what it was that enticed you to actually get out your credit card. Was it the way you were asked or who did the asking, the organization’s mission, their website, or possibly the picture of the sad puppy that tipped the scale? Whatever it was, chances are great that your response was driven by psychology. The reason that you responded may not be the same reason why your neighbor responded to the same appeal.

By learning the reasons why your supporters respond to your organization’s communication and appeals, you are better able to target your message. How do you do this most effectively and convert your supporters to donors? [More]

Talking To Your Vendors – How To Make A More Effective Support Request

It’s bound to happen that at some point, the system you’re using isn’t going to do what you want it to do, and you’ll need to submit a Support Request. Let me help you get the answer you’re looking for quickly and efficiently, by first helping you to ask your vendor a good question.

As you begin submitting a Support Request, there are a few things to keep in mind as you’re framing your request: [More]

Data Visualization - Quick Tips To Better Excel Charts

We’ve talked on this blog a few times about how you can’t excel with using Excel as your database, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t see the value in using Excel for some things - such as making awesome, custom charts! Follow the steps in this post for quick and easy charts that are easier to understand. [More]

Why Those Granny Panties & Whitie Tighties Win Over That Lacy Black Thong: Some Practical Advice When Shopping for Nonprofit Software

I have worked with hundreds of people shopping for nonprofit software over the last 8 years, and I can usually tell right away when someone has taken the wrong road with their search. They have gotten side tracked and seduced by all the technology bells and whistles out there - aka the Lacy Thong!

All those sexy little features and functions attract so much attention and arouse the mind. Bells and whistles are at the top of their database requirements list. *Sigh* All practicality has gone out the window! [More]