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How to Get the Most From Your Next Conference Experience

It’s hard to believe NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference has already come and gone. This was my second year in attending NTC, and I think I walked away with even better information that last year - and there are a few big reasons why.

Here are some of my takeaways on how to have a fruitful conference experience: [More]



Enews 911: Five Mistakes That Are Hurting Your eNewsletters (and How To Fix Them)

The ways that our supporters are receiving their information are rapidly changing, and unfortunately many organizations are not keeping up the pace. There’s a rumor going around that email is dead, but guess what? It’s not.

This list, though not extensive, covers some symptoms which may mean your enewsletter needs some help breathing life back into it: [More]

Horror Movies & Choosing a CRM for Your Nonprofit: 7 Things They Have In Common

Old, new, vampires, zombies, jumpy, gruesome - as a horror movie connoisseur, I have seen it all. Although hopefully less gory, shopping for a CRM has a surprising amount in common with my favorite movie genre; maybe that’s why I love walking nonprofits through the process of choosing a CRM.
Observe the following advice to escape the danger of choosing an unsuitable CRM: [More]

Get LinkedIn to Your Network

If your nonprofit has been ignoring LinkedIn, it’s time to reassess your social media priorities. Some view LinkedIn as a virtual corkboard to post a resume on and be ignored. However, your nonprofit having a LinkedIn page might be more important than you think. A recent study has shown LinkedIn to be the most popular social network behind Facebook. So how can your Nonprofit benefit from utilizing LinkedIn? [More]

A Guide to Creating A/B Tests For Your Organization's Emails

Email has become, and continues to be, a powerful medium for reaching your supporters. As such, you need your emails to be the most effective that they can be. So how do you do that? By creating different versions and sending test samples of your emails to small groups of your supporters. [More]