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New Email Provider Policies May Prevent Some of Your Emails from Reaching Your Supporters

Some email providers have been making big changes in an effort to thwart spammers, and inadvertently, your emails may not be reaching your supporters. Email providers, like AOL and Yahoo, are using a new technique called DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) to protect their users from fake, spammy, or malicious emails arriving in their inboxes. DMARC allows mass market email providers to ensure that when you send a message, you're not "spoofing" their domain name. i.e., that your message to Yahoo users (from a Yahoo email address) is really being sent from within Yahoo's email program. In a technical sense, CRM providers (like thedatabank) do exactly this--we spoof your domain name in order to make it appear that the message came from whatever email address you specify, not from within a mass email system.

What does this mean for your organization? [More]

Horror Movies & Choosing a CRM for Your Nonprofit: 7 Things They Have In Common

Old, new, vampires, zombies, jumpy, gruesome - as a horror movie connoisseur, I have seen it all. Although hopefully less gory, shopping for a CRM has a surprising amount in common with my favorite movie genre; maybe that’s why I love walking nonprofits through the process of choosing a CRM.
Observe the following advice to escape the danger of choosing an unsuitable CRM: [More]

A Few *More* Of My Favorite (Free) Things for Nonprofit Marketing

A couple of months ago I shared 10 of my favorite free tools for nonprofit marketing. People seemed to enjoy that post, so I’ve put together a list of 10 more of my favorite free tools. I'd also like to mention that no one is giving me anything to promote any of these tools, I just think they’re wonderful and worth sharing. Ready? Here they are: [More]

Year-End Fundraising Blog Post Roundup

Every year around this time, everyone's mind turns to their year-end fundraising campaigns. Considering it’s a task you do year in and year out, you might wonder what’s left to learn? But the donor landscape is always evolving and changing, and there is always room for growth and improving your tactics. I’ve compiled some great blog posts from industry experts on the top things you should consider about your year-end campaign as you move into the final quarter of 2013. [More]

Creating a Plan for your Communications

Creating a communications calendar (or editorial calendar) can be a tedious task, even when you know it is an important tool. The most frustrating part for me personally is coming up with a system to manage the information, in a way that won’t become overwhelming or cumbersome to maintain as the year goes on. I’ve played with a few different communications calendars over the past few years, and I’d like to share the best tips and calendars that I’ve come across with you all. [More]