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Cloud Nine

Last month, thedatabank signed a new three-year agreement with SunGard Availability Services to use their Enterprise Cloud Services platform to deliver our products. This is an evolutionary step in our long-term relationship with SunGard, who have been managing and monitoring our servers and internet bandwidth for several years now. While this change is not likely to be noticeable to our typical users, it is a major change behind the scenes. Some salient points: [More]

Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth

Yesterday, November 16th, was Give to the Max day in Minnesota. By most accounts it was a great day for nonprofits in Minnesota with over $13 million donated to some 3,978 organizations. As a 25 year fundraising veteran, I’m all for any effort that increases donations to the nonprofit sector, especially during these difficult economic times. However, I’m concerned that focusing so much energy and time on one single donation event could diminish ongoing individual fundraising activities in the sector by creating an impression that Give to the Max Day is THE day to give.

The reality is that way more than $13 million is given in individual donations each and every day in Minnesota. [More]

Most quotable keynote ever: Robert Egger says his piece on nonprofits and collective power

Does the phrase "dynamic ass kicking machine of love" mean anything to you?

If you attended Robert Egger's keynote address at the Colorado Nonprofit Association's fall conference on October 8th, this should ring a bell.

It was one of the better keynotes I've seen, and I found myself messily scribbling down the pithy sound bites, at the same time I was trying to digest them and listen for the next one (If you see something here in quotes, know that it is a paraphrase, and not approved by Mr. Egger). Though I might not have accurately captured the outline of his presentation, these nuggets should give you the flavor of it. [More]

Wisconsin Hears Health Care Activists, More Success for Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Update to our success story on Citizen Action Wisconsin's Facebook petition campaign:

The organization received some great media coverage for the health care issue through this campaign, including an article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, with this image of the secretary of the Department of Health Services attempting to lift a tremendous pile of 2000 signatures from CAW supporters. [More]

Facebook Petition Recruits More New Supporters in Six Days than Two Months of Canvassing Could Do

In just six days, Citizen Action of Wisconsin received more new member records than two months of field canvasing could have brought in - all with one Facebook petition. [More]