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Congratulations Clients!

Nonprofits all over the U.S. are using the Databank to create positive social change in their communities. Here are some recent successes our clients are celebrating from the election on Tuesday: [More]

Not Another Post About Common Ground

The fundraising world, or at least a very small part of it, was sent into a tailspin last week when Blackbaud announced it would be closing down the Common Ground fundraising software it had acquired when Convio became part of the bulging Blackbaud empire. If you missed it, there are plenty of tweets, posts and other communications floating around the interweb. Just Google it, Bing it, or ask Siri. [More]

Live, from the AFP 2012 International Conference on Fundraising

Here I am at the AFP International Conference on Fundraising, and I just got out of a packed session called Social Networking and Online Fundraising Success, with Ted Hart. I've been following Ted and reading his emails via ePhilanthropy for years, and it was fun to walk in the room and see him up there IRL. He crammed a lot of good stuff into the 1 hour 15 minute time frame, and I can't even begin to give a cohesive summary, so here's one thing I want to focus on: [More]

thedatabank at the Forefront of Building a New Sustainable Economy

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to give testimony at a Minnesota State Senate Committee hearing on legislation that would create a new type of for-profit corporation, a Public Benefit Corporation. As one of 3 Certified B-Corporations in Minnesota, authors of this bill turned to thedatabank as an example of a small business that can be both profitable and operate with a social mission. [More]

Meet the New Web Site - and Some Lessons on Web Site Redesign

This week thedatabank launched an updated web site. Here are some key changes:

A Learn section with white papers, guest articles, recorded webinars, and other resources for nonprofit organizations.
A Connect section with many ways to engage, from social media to "in real life" events.
The design has been streamlined to be easier to read, and convey the friendly personality of thedatabank.
Behind these changes are strategic efforts... [More]