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Presentation Recap: Turning Data Dust into Fundraising Gold

"Our database is a mess."

Does this sound familiar? How about,

"We invested in this great database software, but nobody keeps it up to date."

A database can be your fundraising friend, but only if you manage it.

Last week I attended a breakout session at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits annual conference, called Turning Data Dust into Fundraising Gold. The presenters, Tricia Pekarna and Jesse Stemcha of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, spoke from their experience on getting a database in order, and then using data - and database software tools - to uncover opportunities and increase productivity.

Here are a few points worth sharing: [More]

Good Answers to Great Questions: How can I email my list more frequently?

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits recently had their Annual Conference. Being interested on more of the tech side things, I gravitated towards those sessions with technology as a focus.While in a session on Fundraising and Email benchmarks, there was a question from the audience that received a vague answer:

‘I’ve got a lot of information that I want to get out to my email list, but I’m afraid that if I send them messages that are too large it will get buried, and if I send to them too frequently, they will unsubscribe.’

There are two different ways that I would suggest to approach this problem: [More]