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Questioning Your Inquisitive Process

In my experience the best asked questions get responses that are actually answers, and not questions themselves. Here are some tips about how to get substantive answers to your questions by addressing these concerns before they happen... [More]



Getting Started with Individual Donor Fundraising - Part 1

In 2011, Individuals gave nearly $218 billion to nonprofits. That’s 73% of total U.S. giving for the year – far more than foundations or corporations received. Nonprofits must build and sustain strong relationships with people to stay in business – so how do we do that? [More]

Are These Really Best Practices for Email Subject Lines?

The Almighty Open Rate

All nonprofits need and want to communicate with their supporters, but when it comes to email, there is one thing standing in your way - the inbox. In the world of email statistics, we all worship at the altar of the open rate. While open rate isn’t completely indicative of overall engagement with your mailing, it is the most ubiquitous statistic and applies to all types of mailings. Furthermore, the inbox is a very impulsive place - suggesting if you could just put the right combination of words in the subject line you could basically get something (opens) for nothing. Because of this, guides to increasing your open rate proliferate the net like ads for Viagra in your Spam box. Here’s a small sampling of Email Subject Line Best Practices summarized from other articles... [More]



Fighting for a Historic Cause - A Volunteer's Analysis

Last week, Minnesota made history as the first state to vote down a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. All 31 states where the issue had previously been put to a popular vote had elected to enshrine discrimination in their state constitutions. I wasn't in the upper echelons of planning or strategy for Minnesotans United for All Families. I was just a regular ole' run of the mill volunteer. However, I did get an inside look at how a well-run organization recruits, galvanizes, and leverages volunteers. These are lessons that apply to any nonprofit. [More]

Time To Govern

$6 Billion is one tally I’ve read when totaling up all of the dollars spent on this election. Seems like a whole lot of money spent to get a whole lot of the same. When it comes to the President and the US Congress we get more partisan gridlock.

But maybe it’s not really the same... [More]