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Social CRM for Nonprofits - an NTEN Webinar Coming February 13th

Does your organization “do” social media, but you feel like you’re lacking a plan or direction? Having a lot of likes and followers is nice, but turning them into actual supporters is the goal. To be successful in that, you need to know where your supporters are and what they are doing on the various social networks. One way to gain and leverage this information is with a Social CRM. [More]

Organize Yourself to Success: Tips for Getting Started in Your Nonprofit Career

The technology for Change blog is happy to announce our new contributor Antonia Kurtz. Antonia started as the marketing intern this month, and will write a blog post every month during her internship.

Whether working in politics or for a non-profit, things can get pretty chaotic. I know this only too well from my prior job, working as a field organizer for the DFL. Between the ebb and flow of volunteers, managing materials and putting together reports, things can get pretty overwhelming when working on a project for the greater good. [More]

8 Reasons Your Nonprofit Can't Excel with 'Excel'

At first glance, Excel seems like the perfect solution for a resource-constrained nonprofit that needs a way to track supporters and donations. But looks can be deceiving, and what appears to be a free and easy option is actually going to cost your organization a fortune.

What are the hidden costs of Excel? Here are eight of the most common complaints I've heard from organizations I've worked with: [More]

The 2013 Legislative Session is here - are you ready?

With the holidays in everyone’s rear view mirror and the new year underway, it’s also the start of the 2013 Legislative Session. Gearing up for the legislative session may consume your mind for many months leading up to it, but it’s easy to forget that your supporters may not be as tuned in as you are.

Here are some ways you can make sure that your organization and supporters are primed and ready to go: [More]


Out with the Old, In with the New!

Can you believe another year has gone by? It’s nearly January 2013 already; and January is always the month to implement those New Year’s Resolutions, clean out your closet and refrigerator, and finally clean out and update your database. [More]