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Bulk up Your e-Newsletter Subscriber List - and Keep Them Reading!

There are two main goals shared by nonprofits when it comes to monthly (or weekly or quarterly) e-newsletters: getting people to subscribe and retaining those subscribers. There’s always room for improvement in both areas, so make sure you keep the following tips in mind when marketing and publishing your e-newsletter: [More]

Keeping Volunteers- A Guide to Retention

This summer, I got the opportunity to volunteer with various political campaigns and organizations. It was a great opportunity to support causes that matter to me - but I’ll be honest, I didn’t meet every obligation. Volunteering is something people generally enjoy and take pride in doing, but includes no punishment or reward beyond the intrinsic ones. Volunteers are an essential part of the success of many nonprofit organizations. So how do we retain those volunteers and keep them wanting to come back? [More]

Fundraising Statistics and Your Database

Love them or fear them, the story of your Fundraising Program comes down to the numbers. As a Fundraiser, there’s increasing pressure to tell that story, not only internally, but also to be transparent to your stakeholders.

Not surprisingly, a good deal of what is useful in your Fundraising Stats is dependent on how you input the information into your database. Yes, you can put all of your transactions into an undifferentiated lump, but you miss out on important analyses that allow you to make data driven decisions regarding your future efforts. It’s also possible to go too far the other way and not only waste time entering your data, but also make it more difficult to access your information in a meaningful way when you need it. [More]

Webinar Recap: Google Analytics - Beyond the Basics

Google Analytics - Beyond the Basics covered four topics: Goals & Funnels, Site Search, Custom Reports, and Dashboards. I'll give a brief overview of the four topics and their importance, but for the step-by-step walk-through of setting them up make sure to listen to Robin's webinar. [More]

Know your supporters - Use click-through tracking to understand their personalities

Do you know your members? How well do you really know them?

If you open up your database and pick a random member, you probably have good information on how much they've given, how often they open their emails, and what events they've attended. But what do you know about their personalities? Can you answer questions such as... [More]